Lola (formerly Slinky)

We adopted Lola (formerly known as Slinky) from the SF SPCA in June of 2017. We didn’t intend to get a large dog or a puppy, but we met Lola and couldn’t resist that sweet face! Lola has been a wonderful addition to our home. She was initially very shy and mild mannered but has now blossomed into a rambunctious pup. She loves getting into wrestling matches with her best friend, a husky named Leia who lives down the street. Lola also loves her daily walks to the nearby park and meeting new people and dogs, all of whom she considers her friends. We also take her on special trips to the beach and nearby hiking trails in Pacifica. She is still getting used to her size, as she is a half Great Pyrenees/half Anatolian Shepherd mix, so she is going to be a big girl! We are so glad to have provided this loving and sweet girl with a happy home!