Do you see or feed cats in your neighborhood? Stray cats with no particular home or owner? These are San Francisco's community cats.

The San Francisco SPCA spays and neuters San Francisco's community cats for free. Spay/neuter, along with consistent monitoring, easily and effectively controls the community cat population. It also eliminates behaviors associated with mating such as yowling and fighting. We also vaccinate and microchip during the spay/neuter surgery out community cats before returning them to their outdoor homes.

For kittens that are not eating on their own and are found without a mother:

  • Please do not intervene, the mother will likely return. It is normal for nursing cats to leave their kittens for hours at a time to search for food.
  • It is critical the kittens remain in the mother’s care for their survival.
  • If you know the mother has been killed or you have observed from a distance that the mother has not returned for 24 hours, you can care for the kittens. An example of a kitten care kit can be found at,
  • If you cannot provide care for the kittens, bringing them to the shelter is the last resort. SF ACC has some capacity to care for unweaned kittens and they support bottle babies through their foster program. SF SPCA supports SF ACC directly and we collaborate closely on care for San Francisco’s kittens.


Drop Off

We are closed Sundays and Mondays, and are currently not able to accept cats for surgery on Saturdays.

Surgery drop-offs are from Tuesday to Friday (excluding holidays)

  • • Early morning drop-offs: 8 AM to 10 AM Bring cats to the Feral Cat Program entrance at 220 Florida Street or 201 Alabama, Spay Neuter front desk in a trap or front loading carrier.
  • • For surgery drop-offs outside the above hours, cats are accepted ONLY at the Spay/Neuter Clinic (201 Alabama Street, 2nd floor) 10am to 4pm 
  • Surgery days will be dependent on clinic schedule and available space. Cats will be held until the next available surgery slot. 
  • Click here for full details!





Trap Rentals

We require a refundable deposit of $60 per rental. To rent a trap please come to 201 Alabama, Spay neuter clinic from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm 

Trapping 101 - The Basics (Adobe PDF)




How to contact us: